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The Only Constant is Change

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Hi, friends! It is hard to believe that Rob and I started our adventure together out West almost two years ago... Nothing makes you more aware of how quickly time goes by than a visit to your hometown. 

I recently spent ten days back in Georgia, visiting family and catching up with friends. My heart needed it, because... the last two years have been a whirlwind. We got married, we moved across the country, we got new jobs, and we moved again! We really have not had the chance to visit home, except for a couple of weddings. We all know how wedding weekends are... they are over just when you’re geting started and there is really no time to visit with anyone other than the wedding peeps. So, this was my first time being back home to visit with my family and friends for a significant amount of time since moving. 

Most people wouldn’t know this, obviously, but in the time that I got married and moved to the West Coast, both of my sisters have gotten a divorce. Divorce really sucks, for everyone invovled. However, in our family’s situation, after the initial sadness and hurt, everyone ended up with happy endings. I love my sisters, I love my “ex” brother in laws, and everyone is actually in a wonderful place in the aftermath. PLOT TWIST: A wedding actually took place while I was home! Ha! One of my sister’s got remarried. I actually knew her now, husband, before she ever met him! It’s so obvious how in love they are, and he treats my niece like a princess! My other sister is also dating someone new whom absolutely worships her, and also loves my nephew as his own. 

Speaking of my niece and nephew, they have grown SO much in the time that I have been away. They are so beyond cute. We were at my sister’s rehearsal dinner, and my niece was cold, and my nephew immediately took off his little over-shirt to give her. Y’all... they are only 4 and 6. How cute is that?! Both of them are such loving and sweet kids. My niece just started school and ballet and loves all things unicorn. My nephew has so much character and stole the show at my sister’s wedding reception. He danced for hours like no one was watching! 

I always grew up with my mom cooking the most spectacular meals for dinner. That southern cooking yall... but since no children are left in the house anymore, she and my dad have loved the whole meal delivery service. All of a sudden, my dad is whipping up some Pad Thai in the kitchen, and I’m like.... what??? He’s always focused his efforts on the grill, but he’s like a full-service chef now. I will say, my mom deserves a break! Anyone that cooks knows what a freakin job it is. 

I visited my in-laws while I was in town too! I am very lucky to have in-laws that love me just as much as my own parents. I could never imagine not getting along with my husband’s family. My oldest brother in law graduated from college and has been traveling oversees for the last year. He recently visited Palestine and the others cities in which my father in-law’s family is from. My other brother in-law just got his driver’s license, and my sister in-law just celebrated her 18th birthday. How?? The two youngest siblings weren’t even in high school when I first met them! 

I got to catch up with a few of my closest girlfriends which was very much needed! One of them will be celebrating her one year wedding anniversary soon, and she and her husband will be making their first move together away from home for a job promotion! One of them is going through a tough break-up, and has grown her own business SO much. Others are having babies, getting engaged, and traveling the world! 

Basically, reality slapped me in the face when I got on my plane back to Seattle. I had a 5 hour flight to debrief and realized how much has changed. We don’t always realize how quickly it happens in the day-to-day moments. My mom has always told me that the only constant is change. There’s no doubt that in another two years, I will look back and think, “wow, so much has changed.”

For the past two years, my own life has been a roller coaster of emotions... but also incredibly adventurous and rewarding! One day, you’re living with your parents just after graduation and planning your wedding. The next day, you’ve moved to two other states and suddenly live in some high-rise, shoebox size apartment and don’t know what the hell you’re doing! With that being said, we all fall victim to getting really wrapped up in our own whirlwhind of a life. We tend to forget that everyone else’s lives are spinning too.  Change is inevitable, and I know that I don’t want to miss out on the details of new jobs, break-ups, birthdays, engagements, etc. 

My words of advice: don’t get too caught up in your own life that you forget to check in with your tribe. While we can’t physically be there for everything, we can still make a call or send a text. Ride those waves of change together! 

Xxxo liv  

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