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Life Update

Liv here... writing from Seattle. Yes.... that’s right! We freakin’ moved to Seattle, just in case you couldn’t tell from my millions of photos on Instagram lately. I still can’t even believe I am saying that. For those of you who are wondering what’s going on, how we got here etc (because we did just move to Oregon it feels like)....let me fill you in! 

As some of you know, we moved to Oregon because of my husband’s job in 2016. After a year and a half, he was promoted. I AM SO PROUD OF HIM. As if I didn’t already know that he was going to do amazing things, he continues to amaze me. So, he moved into a new role with his current company, but in Seattle! A side note: he’s known since the day that he met me that it has been my dream to move away from home. I've always had a desire to explore and experience life outside of my small town in Georgia. 

So, here we are... living the big city life in Seattle. Is this permanent? Who knows! I feel so blessed to be on this ride standing by my husband. With that being said, I wanted to touch on something else.... and this is not where I thought this post would go when I originally started writing it, but it’s something that I have been battling with for quite some time and finally ready to share! 

Fashion & Style have always been my thing, whether I really had "good" taste or not back in the day, I still loved everything about it. From reading about fashion week, celebrity fashion, and the hottest season's trends in magazines, shopping with my mom or helping friends pick out something new for a special occasion, to dreaming of New York City and working for a top designer... it has always been a part of me. Growing up, I totally did not care about toys or dolls, just get me a cute new dress that I can play around in. I literally used to change my outfits four times a day.

I started a blog my senior year of college to share outfits and fashion "stuff" with my friends and family. But it was terrible timing... for someone who was going through her senior level classes about to graduate, working a part-time job, preparing for a big "girl" job... there was a lot on my plate. THEN, I got engaged a few months after graduation and was in full swing with my first big job, oh my there was no time! I let it phase out of my life by accident. So, a few years laters, after we moved to Oregon, I started blogging again. But oh my goodness how the "blogging" world had changed, or at least I thought it had.

Instagram wasn't that big when I first started my blog back in college. We all know that's not true now! On top of keeping your blog and website up to date, Instagram and Pinterest and everything else is so important. Being consistent on social media, engaging with your followers and new people, and being super creative with your posts, it's a A LOT of work. Not to mention, there are so many amazing women doing it! It is very hard to stand out! I admire every single blogger and influencer out there because I know how amazing it feels to be inspired by fashion and to want to share it with the world. I understand how much work goes into your blog posts, your social media posts, and everything else it takes to prepare your content. I know how exhausting it can be to come home from your 9-5 and try to keep up with your engagement on Instagram and posting so that you are staying consistent on your followers' feeds. 

So, to be raw and honest with you, I feel like I missed the blogger boat. And that’s really hard to say out loud (or in writing). I go through days of feeling so inspired, and then I have days of complete defeat. Social media has changed the game, both good and bad. I scroll through my Instagram and I think "why can't I have that many likes and followers," "I wish I could stay at home and do this full time," " I wish I had that Chanel bag", "I wish I could buy a home and completely renovate it with beautiful marble and brass fixtures," "I wish I could work with that brand,"..... the list goes on and on and on. It's so hard to remember that everyone's Instagram photos are a curated gallery of what people want you to see. I know that if I am scrolling through and start to feel bad about my life, then I know others are too! We have to remember that everything is not always what they seem. Everyone has things in their life that are tough. We all experience sadness, happiness, disappoint, hurt, excitement, joy, etc. But man is it hard to remember that when we see all of these amazing photos on the gram. 

I guess my point in writing all of this, is to let you all know that life is hard at times, no matter what kind of life you live. My reality is that I have to work that 9-5 and I am not at the point in my life where I can buy all of the things that I want, or go on all of the vacations that I want. And that's OK! Others can, and that's great, I am giving no judgement or resentment to those people! And neither should any of you. What I can tell you about my life is that I am married to the love of my life, I have more than I need, and I feel completely blessed to be able to move around our country and experience things with my friends and family that I will remember forever. 

My last point (almost done, promise), going back to missing the blogger boat, is that I don't know where Liv it Love it is going to be in the next six months (hard swallow). I've started to realize that my goals are changing. I feel tied to my phone and Instagram, and I dont want to be. I want to share outfits and special moments with you, but I dont want to feel like I have to do that every single day to stay relevant as a blogger. I see so many people walking around, at parties, at dinner, all glued to their phones. That is not how we are supposed to be living our lives. We are not guaranteed a single day on this earth, and neither are the ones we love. I want to spend genuine time with each person I encounter. I want to make special memories with the ones I love, the kind of memories we used to make back in middle school that you know you will never forget because you were living purely in the moment. 

This post is not meant to exude any ill feelings towards bloggers. I have several friends who are AMAZING at what they do. I've met so many amazing women through this blogging journey, and I wouldn't trade a single day of it for anything. I am damn proud of the bloggers out there. They are all go-getters, and let me tell you, they work their asses off. I just dont know if it's for me anymore (there is lots of confusion in my head right now). 

I promise to still share photos and fashion, because my heart still wants to share that (in fact, here are a few below of our Seattle life so far)....But only on my terms. I can’t allow myself to feel chained to my blog or to Instagram or whatever else anymore. I thank you all for following along my journey thus far, and I hope you still do... whatever that journey is. 






Took a ferry to Bainbridge island!  


Seattle great wheel!  


Beers and boats with ten barrel brewery!  


Handsome man. 


Our first day with our apartment all set up!  


Alki beach! 


Just because. 


Dead and Company concert! Clearly.  


Boat ride in South Lake Union. 


Dinner at Hotel Max.  


Sounders game in bud light suite! 

Lost Twenty-Something with a Purpose

Lost Twenty-Something with a Purpose

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Brunch Style ft. Gilt & Gossamer