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Let Me See Those Pearly Whites! <giveaway included>

Let Me See Those Pearly Whites!


I really do love when the stars align... I have been thinking about getting an electronic toothbrush for quite some time. I’ve done plenty of research, but never actually went through with the purchase. I guess I was a little skeptical of the idea that an electronic toothbrush would be better than my good ole regular one... I mean people have been using regular ones since the beginning of toothbrushes, right?! It is also a financial investment. If you’re like me, you try to spend your money wisely (haaaa). Well... I am THRILLED that Smile Brilliant wanted to work with me to try out their CariPro electronic toothbrush because they have proven my theory wrong.

I will start by telling you a little about the toothbrush. The CariPro comes with a charging dock and extra electric toothbrush heads (two or four, depending on what package you select). The charging dock is small which is great  because I am not a fan of clutter, and I like my counter space very minimal. It’s wireless, meaning that you just simply set the toothbrush on the charging dock (no exposed metal) and then easily take it off— you can leave the dock plugged into the outlet in the corner without notice. Its completely waterproof, so, for you multi-taskers, you can use it in the shower! The toothbrush actually times your session, giving you two minutes for any setting you use. You have 30 seconds for each four quadrants of your mouth. It will stop for a second in between, which lets you know to move on to the next quadrant. 


This toothbrush has FIVE settings. In my opinion, that is the best feature! There are times that my teeth are more sensitive than others. I have always thought that super vigorous brushing (with a regular brush) was necessary, however, that can lead to harming your gums. The CariPro basically does the vigorous cleaning for you with the higher settings such as CLEAN and WHITE (but still gentle), and it allows you to to choose lower settings for sensitivity and your gums.  It’s actually really important to take care of your gums, just as it is your teeth, which is why I love the gentle messaging gum setting.

So, on to my personal experience. MY TEETH ARE SO CLEAN. I don’t know that my mouth has ever felt so fresh and so clean-clean after a brushing. As I mentioned, it times your session by notifying you every 30 seconds to switch to the next quadrant of your mouth. I actually do an extra 30 seconds just for my front teeth— personal preference, obviously. Overall, I highly recommend this toothbrush.... I will be buying one for my husband. It is worth every single penny. It removes 7x more plaque and improves your gum health in less than two weeks. I have been using the CariPro for about two weeks now, and I can most definitely tell a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I am an avid coffee AND wine drinker... a double whammy! Even better, if you are not happy with your CariPro, you have 60 days to return it for free. You’ve got nothing to lose, peeps!

Moral of the story: coffee/wine, CariPro, repeat.

* I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY with Smile Brilliant for one lucky person to win their very own CariPro electronic toothbrush! Visit the link here to enter!

If you would like to make a purchase, please use my discount code: livitloveitblog20
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Any questions? I am happy to answer! Drop them in the comment section below!   


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