Liv, here. 

I was born and raised in South Georgia and now I reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. When we first made our move, Oregon was home! We lived there for almost two years, and we absolutely loved it. Now... we have made another move to Seattle. Let me tell you... it's amazing! We are still in awe that we made such a huge move to this enchanting part of the country at such a young age (even though we don't feel that young).

 Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with planning my outfits. From my hairbow down to my socks & shoes, I would plan every single detail. Well, not much has changed... except the sassy attitude that I've developed over the years. I always dreamed of working for a huge fashion company or designer growing up. And while I'm no Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada (or even Andy), that dream has helped get me where I am today! I have a degree in Marketing and work for the largest real estate franchise in Oregon as the Marketing Coach. My job allows me to work with the most amazing people throughout the state, and I even get to share my fashion journey with all of them. And yes... even living in Seattle, my job that I got in Oregon wanted to keep me so that I could work remotely! 

Fashion is such an artistic expression and when I am styling outfits, whether its through online shopping or literally picking out my day's look, I feel so free to be myself. Its my second language. The most special part to me is knowing that I have inspired at least one other person to also express themselves through fashion... whether that is motivating them to start their own blog, or inspiring them to create a look that goes outside of their comfort zone. It's obviously a given that I love to shop... but I also love to cook, hike, practice yoga, and sing- with plans to learn to play the guitar.